Harness Haley Grace

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Please note: Please measure the body of your dog well because our sale items cannot be returned!

Choose the right size

Measure the chest circumference around the widest part of the chest, behind the front legs. If the size is close to the maximum size of the size, we recommend choosing a size larger.

Dog harness "Haley Grace" is fully adjustable around the neck and around the dog's chest and closes with beautiful brass buckles. Once the harness has been properly adjusted, it will go on and off easily by releasing only 1 buckle.

Harness Haley Grace is fully lined with soft leather so that it feels comfortable for your dog.

How do you maintain the leather of a DWAM product?

Dog with a mission uses the best harness leather and the buckles, d-rings and passers-by are made of very strong brass. The old, weathered look is part of our DWAM look.

Very simple, all you need is saddle fat. This is a colorless, greasy maintenance product that nourishes the leather and reduces the color. Saddle fat penetrates the leather and nourishes the material from the inside, keeping the collar supple. Saddle grease makes small cracks disappear in the leather and smoothes out folds. Apply the grease generously with a soft cloth and rub it in with circular movements.

Does your dog like to swim in the sea? That is not a problem but rinse the salt with fresh water and treat the leather a little more regularly with saddle fat. That way you will enjoy your leather harness for years.


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