Unique products & love for animals 

In the first place our mission is to create and make the nicest and most unique, colourful collars and leashes. We are very proud that we are building up our company which was born out of a simple idea.

Also, Dog with a mission believes all dogs should live a happy and healthy life. That’s why we support special local and international animal welfare projects to help less fortunate dogs get shelter and much needed TLC.

Currently we are donating a portion of our sales to the foundation Kunuku Kakelvers and to Wings for Animals, an initiative of 4 KLM stewardesses.

Kunuku Kakelvers is a foundation located on the Caribian Island Bonaire. The mainly Dutch volunteers take in stray dogs and other neglected pets providing them with shelter, a (medical) check up and most importantly encourage them to be happy animals again, giving them the best chance to be re-homed. DWAM has a special bond with Kunuku Kakelvers, supporting this beautiful and necessary work wholeheartedly. Would you like to understand more about the Kunuku Kakelvers work or perhaps you are interested in adopting a dog, please visit http://fkk-bonaire.org/nl/ for more information.

The goal of Wings for animals is to help small to medium sized projects anywhere in the world. They want to support these projects through donations, goods and helping them on the spot. With any donation they can make a difference for so many animals in need.

DWAM also has a special bond with Wings for Animals because of our love for traveling, animals and because one of us works for KLM as well.

Please have a look at www.wingsforanimals.nl