DWAM dog collar Joplin 0.98 inch

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The Joplin Collar is a strong and stylish accessory for any dog - no matter the shape or size..
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Made of sturdy saddle leather, our beautifully embroidered Joplin collars will prepare your four-legged friend for anything! Be prepared for countless compliments when out and about.

Handmade with love the delicate embroidery is sewn into the leather for secure placement and our signature turquoise leather lines the inside for those comfy feels - whilst the vibrant blues and warm pinks work together to form an amazing contrast.

This fun bohemian inspired addition to our collar collection is designed for all dogs - making it suitable for both boy and girl pups. Available in multiple sizes with an adjustable buckle - a great feature if your pup is still growing.


Material & Care

All of our leather products are made of strong saddle leather, which is chosen from  the thickest part of the skin.

Leather being a natural product, will require you to maintain your collar to ensure its vibrant quality, allowing you to enjoy your dogs lovely collar for the next decade or so.

Maintenance is easily done, all you will need is leather wax polish, which is a greasy colourless product. Once rubbed in this will fill in the creases and flatten the folds,  bringing back the colour and keeping your collar supple at the same time.

Leather wax polish is applied using a soft cotton cloth, applying it using a circular movement. If you notice the collar absorbing the wax quickly, meaning your collar is dry and could be damaged more easily, then applying a little more wax will be necessary.

A word of advice if your dog loves to swim in the sea. Please take the DWAM collar off prior to the swim, as the leather collar will be damaged by the sea water preventing you (and your dog) from enjoying it for as long as you could.

What size fits my dog? 

Measure the current collar and check the size chart



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