Belt Pinky

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Jealous of our amazingly colourful pet accessory range? Want something vibrant for your personal collection?
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Well, if the answer is yes then look no further! We now have a magical belt range made for humans!

Introducing our belt range, the Pinky Belt is handmade just like our other items, using our infamous saddle leather. Exactly like our collars this belt is full of unique design and colour. Just like its name the Pinky Belt gives itself away! Featuring soft brown leather, a bright pink patterned detail and our signature turquoise colour for stitching.

Designed for humans of all sizes, our belts are handmade with love and are available in multiple sizes with an adjustable buckle (so your pants don’t fall down when you’re walking your pup).


Material & Care

All of our leather products are made of strong saddle leather, which is chosen from  the thickest part of the skin.

Leather being a natural product, will require you to maintain your belt to ensure its vibrant quality, allowing you to enjoy your lovely belt for the next decade or so.

Maintenance is easily done, all you will need is leather wax polish, which is a greasy colourless product. Once rubbed in this will fill in the creases and flatten the folds,  bringing back the colour and keeping your collar supple at the same time.

Leather wax polish is applied using a soft cotton cloth, applying it using a circular movement. If you notice the collar absorbing the wax quickly, meaning your collar is dry and could be damaged more easily, then applying a little more wax will be necessary.


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