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Gypsy Haley Grace M

Gypsy: bei den Bändern dieser Serie ist jedes Exemplar von Frauen aus Süd-Mexiko mit der Hand gewebt. Die Bänder, die diese Frauen produzieren, sind aus sehr dickem Nylon gemacht. Hierdurch sind sie sehr strapazierfähig und stark und halten ein Leben lang
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Gypsy Haley Grace M

This handwoven accessory is a secure and vibrant option for all dogs needing a bit more colour in their life.

Made using sturdy saddle leather, our cool toned Gypsy Haley Grace Collar will prepare your four-legged friend for countless adventures, providing an endless amount of comfortable and secure walks. Inspired bold indigenous Indian patterns; the secret meanings within this design makes for a special collar.

Our signature turquoise leather used within the inside of the collar means your pup is comfortable at all times. No pesky itches or scratches. A bright addition to our range of collars. Always a secure, stylish and high-quality accessory for any dog.

Available in a range of sizes for all breeds.


Haley Grace + Leash L

Gypsy Haley Grace M

Haley Grace + Leash L + Bracelet

Gypsy Haley Grace M

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Gypsy Haley Grace M